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Our teachers can be confident that they will be supported and protected as individuals in any employment issue, allegation, grievance or dispute. Our HR and legal team are independent, politically neutral professionals, whose sole responsibility is to support you.

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Expert personal advice available 11 hours a day
8am – 7pm Monday to Friday

When necessary we can provide you with HR advice or legal representation through:

  • In-person support: We can have an HR or legal expert with you by 9am the next day
  • Legal costs: In legal cases, we will cover up to £50,000 of costs

Our teachers also have access to:

  • Regular news, policy updates and opportunities to contribute to policy discussions
  • Our development fund, created from 1% of our revenues.

Our vision:

To support, protect, inform and develop the teaching profession.

We do this by building a national community of professional teachers who choose to be backed by us.

We provide the best level of expert, independent and personal support and protection available.


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What we don’t do:

× We do not organise industrial action.

× We do not donate to political parties, and have no political affiliations: we do not lobby or campaign for a political agenda.

× We are not a public body or government agency: we do not regulate the teaching profession.

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What we do:


edapt provides impartial, personal and professional HR and legal advice and representation for teachers, allowing the profession to focus on its responsibilities, confident that legal costs will be covered should they ever be needed.

We provide HR advice and employment law support for issues arising in schools, including allegations, harassment and bullying, disciplinary and competency procedures.

Our team of CIPD qualified education employment experts are able to advise on all enquiries from simple questions about pay and conditions through to guiding teachers through grievances. Our lawyers are able to offer legal representation at tribunal or criminal procedures.

Teachers can make use of the extensive support information on our website or talk directly to us on the phone or via live chat. By signing up, you can be confident that one of our employment experts or lawyers will be with you if you need them – even if that’s by 9am the next day.


edapt keeps teachers updated with changes to policy and provides opportunities to contribute to policy decisions. We facilitate the communication of our teachers' views without bias, ensuring the full range of opinions, experiences and responses are reported proportionately.

We provide objective and unbiased information on current educational issues to teachers through website news, social media and regular reports.

We understand that many of our teachers wish to focus on their pupils and classrooms as dedicated and skilled practitioners, getting on with educating the young people they are responsible for. For those of our teachers who also wish to engage in the wider relationship between research, policy and practise, edapt provides opportunities to link with key policymakers and influencers through regular surveys and consultations and through online and face-to-face discussions.

Our pro-active and productive approach aims to ensure that policy is informed by our teachers’ experience and expertise. We reflect and respect difference of opinion and experience and varying contexts to facilitate the development of nuanced and informed policy.  By joining, you will have opportunities to take part in  surveys and consultations that will inform policymakers and , where appropriate, inform and educate the wider public about the teaching profession.


edapt supports teachers to develop by providing funding for projects that further the expertise of the teaching profession. We use a proportion of our teachers' membership fee to provide grants for research, innovation and training.

Charities, organisations and individual teachers can apply for grant funding, or part-funding, for projects that aim to develop teachers at a local or national level. These projects include observation, coaching and mentoring schemes, action-learning research, development of new technology or media to support teachers or the publication and dissemination of proven good practice in schools. By joining, you will be kept up to date with how to apply.

How much we charge

Signing up is simple - it costs £13.75 a month by direct debit.