1. Who can subscribe to edapt?

Edapt provides support and protection for all teachers, teaching assistants, supply teachers, NQTs, trainee teachers, Teach First teachers and all support staff in all types of schools in England and Wales including maintained schools, independent schools, free schools, academies and FE colleges. We do not currently offer the service to teachers in Scotland or Northern Ireland, or teachers in British schools outside of England and Wales.

2. Can I subscribe to edapt as a senior leader or head teacher?

Yes. We do have a number of head teachers, deputies and assistant heads subscribed to Edapt and we do provide individual support for issues you have as an employee of the school itself such as any disciplinary or grievance you face or allegation made by a pupil.  However, we don't provide specific legal advice for your role as a senior teacher as an employer.

3. I am a union member, can I subscribe to edapt as well?

Yes, absolutely, although be aware that instructing edapt may limit the advice a union can give and instructing your union may limit the advice we can give. We advise you to check the terms of membership of your union, or contact them directly. Feel free to also contact us on info@edapt.org.uk if you need more information.

We have a range of subscribers: Some are existing union members, some have chosen to leave their union after subscribing to edapt, and some were not a union member in the first place.

4. I am part-time, do you do a reduced rate?

Yes, if you work 0.8 FTE or below simply select part time on sign-up and the price will be discounted accordingly.

5. As a teacher, am I secure with edapt?

Yes. As well as the expert legal advice, by subscribing to edapt you will be eligible for up to £100,000 of legal costs per case. In a legal case we will support you every step of the way, even potentially covering your loss of earnings whilst absent during the proceedings. Click here to see the more information about the terms and conditions.

6. I'm not a subscriber, but I need support. Can you help?

Like unions, we cannot fully support existing cases and circumstances that arose prior to subscription. However, we will, at our discretion, provide assistance to you over the phone or via email. If you would like support for an existing case, please email us on support@edapt.org.uk with details before subscribing.  In such cases support will be entirely at our discretion and in all such cases will limited to telephone and email. We will not be able to assist you in person.

7. Are you a trade union?

No. edapt is an independent limited company, registered in England: 7830046. We work according to the Companies Act and English law. We provide a service which includes support and protection for employment in schools, educational policy opportunities and access to our development fund.

8. What is your position on trade unions?

There is undoubtedly a place for trade unions; they are highly valued by some of their members and have been instrumental in the establishment of rights for teachers. However, we know that there are a significant number of teachers who do not feel their views are represented by their union or would prefer to source legal support elsewehere. In fact some of our subscribers are also union members.

Teachers told us that the primary reason they join teaching trade unions is for legal support and protection. Teaching trade unions have many functions in addition to their legal support, including political campaigning and lobbying. Edapt does not aim to provide all these additional functions, but focusses on independent legal support when it is needed.

There are a significant number of teachers who are not union members and would like legal support, as well as those who would prefer a choice in sourcing legal support from an alternative type of organisation. Edapt exists to provide that choice.

9. Are you lawyers?

No, we work with selected legal partners to provide legal support, advice and representation.

10. Do you lobby on behalf of teachers?

No, edapt does not have a political agenda. We do sometimes provide opportunities for individual teachers to contribute to education policy discussions, and work to ensure that a full range of opinions are represented.

11. Do you get involved in industrial action?

No.  Edapt fully respects the right for any teacher or worker to withdraw their labour if legal process is followed.  Nearly 40% of surveyed teachers, the majority of whom who were union members, told us that the right to strike is not important to them.  Edapt exists to offer an alternative source for the core individual employment support which teaching unions provide.  As a non-union organisation we cannot and do not organise strike action.

12. Do you regulate teachers?

No, edapt does not regulate the teaching profession.

13. How are you funded?

We aim to maintain sustainability through selling services while keeping the support and protection of teachers as our core purpose.  Initial funding has come from individual entrepreneurs motivated by this social purpose, many of whom are or were teachers by profession.

14. How are my legal rights affected by signing up to edapt's services?

Industrial action: We are not a trade union, and therefore we do not organise, or take part in, strike action or action short of strike action. For 38% of teachers surveyed in the LKMco report, the right to industrial action was not important to them. Should you wish to engage in industrial action we would advise you to join a trade union.

Employment advice and representation: Under the Employment Relations Act 1999 (Chapter 26) you have the right to be accompanied in internal disciplinary and grievance hearings by a trade union employee, an official of a trade union or a fellow employee. Evidence suggests that the majority of employees in the UK choose a fellow employee or no accompaniment.

The ERA 1999 is a minimum legal entitlement and in cases where the head teacher or governing body allows, one of our team will accompany you in meetings and/or hearings.  We have never been refused accompaniment to a teacher in any of our cases as schools and employers recognise that their employee having accompaniment is good practice.  Should we be refused accompaniment in the first instance to an Edapt caseworker there are a number of further options available to us.  We will advise on a case by case basis and our team of qualified experts and employment lawyers will provide support and advice to ensure you are equipped to have the best outcome.

15. Can I claim tax back on my subscription?

Not currently, however it can be cheaper overall subscribing to edapt, even after taking into account the tax rebate! And you won't have to go through the process of claiming it back.

If you have further questions about edapt, please email info@edapt.org.uk