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The Workload Challenge


The Department for Education have recently launched The Workload Challenge, a consultation designed to collect your views on what you think wastes your time, and what the government, schools and others should be doing to reduce unnecessary and unproductive workload.

They want comments and ideas on the following:

  • Solutions and strategies for tackling workload – what is the good practice already in schools.
  • Which unnecessary tasks which take you away from teaching, and where do these come from?
  • What should be done to tackle unnecessary workload – by government, by schools, or by others.

To tell the DfE about your experience and your ideas to reduce workload you can:

Complete this survey:

Email directly:

If you have any photos, videos or documents do send them to help the DfE understand of the way that schools are working.

You must respond by 21st November 2014.