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Winter Update 2015

There are some exciting updates coming to Edapt in the next few months and we thought we'd share a few of them with you...


We're now responding to and supporting over 100 support enquiries per month varying from minor policy related issues, through to issuing tribunal proceedings on behalf of our teachers. We pride ourselves on the quality of our casework, and the feedback we receive always shows this. We're transparent about our feedback, and send out a feedback survey following the conclusion of each and every support request.  Below are the results of our feedback survey from the last 100 cases (auto-updating).

"The support from Edapt that I witnessed was far superior to anything I have ever experienced for any other teacher relying on their union."

Website Update

web_previewIt's on its way! We've got a fantastic new website in design and development which we're incredibly excited about. We really value the feedback you've given us about our service and we've significantly improved the account management, payment systems, support content, and much much more...  We'll let you know when it's ready!

Updated Pricing

It's been nearly 4 years since we first set our prices and to ensure that we keep the quality of our service as high as possible we're slightly increasing our subscriptions. Don't forget, we only use paid, professional and qualified caseworkers to support you. We never use volunteer representatives. Our subscription still represent incredibly good value with some teaching unions now charging £200 per year for their membership. From 1st December 2015, our new prices will be:

  • Full-time staff: £13.95 (monthly) or £156 (annually)
  • Supply Teachers: £13.95 (monthly) or £156 (annually)
  • Part-time - 0.8 or below: £9.35 (monthly)


If you're a subscriber, don't forget that for every new colleague that you refer to Edapt who then signs up, you receive a free month (or a discount off your annual subscription). Just login to your profile area to access the link at

If you're not a subscriber then...

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