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Sky News: Thinking aloud

skyAs students across the country receive their A - Level and GCSE results.  Edapt founder, John Roberts, discusses current education issues including the over politicisation of education decision making, with Sir Dan Moynihan, CEO of Harris Federation and Kyle Kinsella of Twickenham Academy on Sky News.

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BBC5 Live: Are teaching unions fully representative of their membership?

BBCEdapt's CEO John Roberts discusses the proposed strike action with John Dixon from the National Union of Teachers and a host of classroom teachers and parents on BBC 5 Live's Tony Livesey morning show.  Great to hear a teacher commit to subscribing to edapt live on air!

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Press: Teaching unions - who needs them?

Indy_logo Taken from the original piece in the independent

On first encounter, the thing that strikes you about John Roberts is his youthful looks. A keen climber, he has already climbed mountains, scaled previously never-scaled cliff faces and become possibly the youngest assistant headteacher in the country at the age of 24.

John Roberts, now 28, agrees the number of subscribers to his service could well increase if the dispute...

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Teachers don't like industrial action: DfE survey confirms edapt's findings

The Department for Education has published a survey which confirms many teachers are ignoring work-to-rule directives laid down by teachers unions - because they join unions primarily for protection and support in the workplace.

The findings of the NFER Teacher Voice Omnibus Survey" Understanding union membership and activity" published on the DfE website last Friday night show that only 9% of teachers believe work to rule is having any impact, with 76% giving their primary reason for the belief as "because staff are not working to rule"

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Spectator: an interview with Michael Gove

An online version of an interview with Michael Gove, published on the Spectator website on 12 December 2012, included the Secretary of State for Education calling edapt a 'marvellous organisation'.

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Sunday Times: Talent + graft = £££s for teachers

An article in the Sunday Times on 9th December featured an interview with CEO of edapt, John Roberts. The article was written in response to the proposed reforms to teachers' pay, in anticipation that they may lead to further industrial action by the teaching unions.

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Response to SecEd blog: unions should change, but not over-step their remit

DiscussionsIt seems from Deborah Lawson’s article in the Sec Ed that there’s a danger that the teaching unions could be guilty of exactly the same ‘overstepping of their remit’ of which they have joined in accusing the government.

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TES letter: Be king of your castle

The 26th October 2012 edition of TES printed a letter from edapt entitled "Be king of your castle'. Here is the full text of the letter, with details of the historic context omitted from the printed version.

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edapt: Union action short of strike action starts today

With joint NUT/NASUWT action-short-of-strike-action starting September 26, 2012, our observation is that this could potentially cause confusion amongst new teachers expecting to observe or be observed in lessons, and may throw a wet blanket over their enthusiasm as newly-engaged trainee teachers.

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Response to TES article: edapt like the AA?

Surveyedapt was featured last week in Stephen Exley’s TES report: Ballot box to boycott – and action could ‘intensify’. The report raised interesting comments and a welcome comparison with the AA. We relate this to the findings from the LKMCo study, which surveyed over 380 teachers.

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