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Blog: Wrecking innocence?

MC_PNGThe students at my school, very kindly, think I look like Taylor Swift. I don't. I've googled her and explained exactly why I don't but to no avail. Trying to win a debate with a teenager using logic and reason is an impossible task. I found out last week that the rumour mill has been hard at work and now I not only look like her but apparently supplement my teaching income as a Taylor Swift tribute act...

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Blog: Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world

nelson_thumbAs Mandela made clear, education is everything. Being a first world country, we should be able to proudly declare that our children are benefiting from a first rate education. Sadly, to me, it is becoming increasingly more obvious that this isn’t the case. Not all students are being shaped into the well rounded, passionate individuals that we as a nation we want and...

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