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Blog: Why Education Reform Needs Some Rules

Laura McInerney thumbWith the recent announcement of the proposed Royal College of Teaching we asked Laura McInerney for her views on the rules of education reform.

Last night I had a dream about a faceless nameless education secretary. In the dream I invited him to watch a play I was directing. The play was three hours long, but I assured him that despite length it was spectacular enough to be life-changing...

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BLOG: 6 New Term Resolutions Teachers Make & How To Actually Stick With Them

resoutionsAs teachers across the land are heading back to school, the new term resolutions take hold.  “From tomorrow I will mark all books, plan well in advance, design my room to be fit for a king, will 100%, for definite and forever, keep on top of homeworks.”

How can teacherly good intentions be maintained rather than lost in the new-term onslaught?

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Blog: Are teachers who dislike group work using it wrong?

laura“It was a good lesson….but why didn’t you have the pupils working together more often?”

If you’ve spent any amount of time in a school classroom, chances are you’ve heard this sentence – or something close to it – at least once or twice. It’s the sort of stock advice that tumbles all too easily from the lips of observer’s sitting in a colleague’s lesson. Anxious to prove their pedagogical power...

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Blog: Why I think teachers deserve their 13 weeks holiday


Nothing is more annoying than arguing with non-school people about teachers’ holidays and hours. I’ve lost count of the time I’ve sat in a pub defending myself against the usual charges of “But you finish at 3pm” and “What do you need all those holidays for anyway?”

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