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edapt: Union action short of strike action starts today

With joint NUT/NASUWT action-short-of-strike-action starting September 26, 2012, our observation is that this could potentially cause confusion amongst new teachers expecting to observe or be observed in lessons, and may throw a wet blanket over their enthusiasm as newly-engaged trainee teachers.

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Education: The Political Football

political_football Whilst education remains a political football, the government on one team and the unions on the other, our system will never reach its collective goal.  If the Secretary of State is honest about making it his goal to free education policy from political interference, our unions should be equally determined to make it their goal to do the same...

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Blog: It should not be harder to work at McDonald's than become a teacher


To be a McDonald’s floor manager you have to pass 3 exams; to be a teacher, if trends continue, you won’t have to pass anything.  How Michael Gove has looked at the problems of our education system and came to the conclusion: “You know what would solve this? Less training among teachers” is entirely beyond me. A far more sensible approach would be...

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Blog: Why I think teachers deserve their 13 weeks holiday


Nothing is more annoying than arguing with non-school people about teachers’ holidays and hours. I’ve lost count of the time I’ve sat in a pub defending myself against the usual charges of “But you finish at 3pm” and “What do you need all those holidays for anyway?”

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