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Blog: Why are you just a teacher?

ClassroomThe other day one of my Year 8 students said something disconcerting: ‘If you’re so smart why didn’t you become a lawyer or a doctor? Why are you just a teacher?’ This ‘just’ has haunted me for weeks. For that little just isn’t simply a word but the key to a much bigger issue. An English teacher in London, who trained through the Teach First programme, explains why teaching is so much more than just teaching.

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Blog: The Power of Parents

article-2298369-0ebc644800000578-100_468x286.jpgThere is that old saying that your friends are the family you choose to keep. Well there should also be a saying that teachers are the parents many need to have. When you step back from all the problems currently swirling around education in this country the issue of bad parenting is there, lurking...

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Blog: What did I learn on Teach First?


Teach First: the teacher training equivalent of a bungee jump; an exhilarating, frightening, all-or-nothing experience that is not for the faint hearted. The six week training period, known as ‘Summer Institute’ is like standing on the edge of a great precipice, fear and trepidation consuming your every nerve and sinew. As you look out across the cavernous maw before you, you stare blindly ahead...

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Misconceptions of a new teacher - Inspiring kids is easy

teach_lead_inspireAs the new school year approaches and over 30,000 new teachers begin their career in the classroom, Teach First participant Katie Ashford gives us the second part in her three part series.  

At the end of summer institute, the prospect of entering the classroom was pretty frightening. However, I tried to put this to the back of my mind and...

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Blog: Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world

nelson_thumbAs Mandela made clear, education is everything. Being a first world country, we should be able to proudly declare that our children are benefiting from a first rate education. Sadly, to me, it is becoming increasingly more obvious that this isn’t the case. Not all students are being shaped into the well rounded, passionate individuals that we as a nation we want and...

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BLOG: Why do teachers burn out?

burnoutHello everyone. My name is Katie Ashford and I am a workaholic.

Giving up working insanely hard was more of a challenge than giving up smoking. The threat of yellow teeth, empty pockets, lung cancer and premature death was enough to make me pack in that filthy habit over a year ago, but working harder than is necessary and healthy, for some reason, is much tougher to quit.

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