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All subscriptions run for an initial 12 month period, after that you can cancel at any time. You'll need to accept our standard terms and conditions in the next part of the process, and these include a commitment from you that you do not have a current issue with which you need support. Unfortunately, we are unable to support cases which pre-exist the start of your subscription.

An Edapt subscription provides you with:

  • Extended hours front line support and advice
  • Support throughout any allegations made against you
  • Accompaniment at disciplinary and grievance hearings
  • Representation at employment tribunal and professional hearings
  • Up to £150,000 legal costs

We support teachers and school staff regardless of the type of school, including Academies, Free Schools and Independent Schools, and you’ll have access to independent edu-legal experts and caseworkers who can support you during disciplinary, grievance or allegations arising in school.

All our subscriptions are subject to terms and conditions which you will need to accept in order to subscribe. You can view the relevant terms and conditions below:

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