Health and well-being

Can a school enforce a staff dress code?

You may have a staff dress code policy at your school. Your employment contract may not refer to what you can explicitly wear, although, it will probably mention that all teachers are expected to adhere to the school’s policies and procedures.

How can I achieve an effective work and life balance?

Schools are now one of the most demanding places to work. The pressures of increased accountability, constant reform, and tightening budgets, has created a workplace culture in most schools where long hours and few breaks are the norm.

How can I handle stress effectively?

It is normal to feel stressed sometimes. Stress is a natural part of most types of work, although of course, some activities are more stressful than others. The problems start when stress escalates and you feel out of control and hopeless to be effective in your role.

Minimum classroom temperature: is there one?

You might be teaching in a classroom which gets too cold during the winter time. You could be concerned about your own and pupils’ health and safety, impact on learning and potential complaints from parents.

Teacher time management

We all have the same amount of time in each day, but how is that some people seem to have more than others? And how does it just slip by so easily, just when you need it most? Whether you are preparing pupils, organising logistics or tackling paperwork, managing time as a teacher can be incredibly challenging.

Teacher wellbeing: a guide for school leaders

In the current education climate where schools are trying to increase student attainment with a diminishing budget, teacher wellbeing can often overlooked as a ‘nice to have’ rather than as an essential.

What do I need to know about sick leave?

Every teacher will come down with an illness during some time in their careers and will take time off school to recover. It’s important to know what your employment rights are and the correct procedures to follow to ensure you can return to work in a healthy condition.

What is occupational health?

Occupational health can be an unfamiliar concept. Many workers are made ill each year because of the impact their occupation has on their health. Teaching is an occupation where you will be subject to high amounts of stress, mental health issues and risk of physical injury. Your school will most likely be partnered with an occupational health service to help assist you.  The NHS explains that occupational health will give impartial, objective advice supporting both yourself and your school.

What should I do if I am being bullied by SLT?

You may feel like you are being bullied or harassed by another teacher, your head of department or headteacher. All teachers have the right to work in a safe and secure environment free from intimidation, harassment and fear and where they feel valued and respected.