sick pay

Long covid: what do teachers need to be aware of?

Long covid will impact teachers with a number of school staff suffering long-term effects. In this article, we look at the symptoms of long covid, what type of support you should receive from your school and link to further information.

Sick notes for teachers

The majority of teachers will have to request a sick note during some time in their careers.

Sick pay for teachers

You may be unsure about your entitlement to sick pay as a teacher. The entitlement to sick pay and sick leave for teachers in the maintained sector is set out in the Burgundy Book.

What is a phased return to work?

As a member of school staff you might have a phased return to work after a period of sustained absence from school. It might feel daunting to return to school after a long absence and the purpose of a phased return is to ease you back into the work environment gradually.

What is occupational health?

Occupational health can be an unfamiliar concept. Many workers are made ill each year because of the impact their occupation has on their health. Teaching is an occupation where you will be subject to high amounts of stress, mental health issues and risk of physical injury. Your school will most likely be partnered with an occupational health service to help assist you.  The NHS explains that occupational health will give impartial, objective advice supporting both yourself and your school.