Continued Professional Development



Good Contrinued Professional Development (CPD) opportunities can reinspire, re-energise and offer you a welcome chance to reflect. There have been a number of research studies* confirming the types of teacher CPD that lead directly to improved pupil outcomes, yet many teachers are not offered these useful CPD opportunities and even fewer take them up. Finding funding for cover or workload pressures can stand in the way of teachers accessing the CPD they are entitled to. 

The legal picture

The Education (School Teachers’ Appraisal) (England) Regulations 2012 (the Appraisal Regulations) require maintained schools in England to follow an appraisal process that is supported by the new Teacher Appraisal and Capability guidelines. These require objectives to be tied to opportunities for development.

The School Teachers' Pay and Conditions Document 2012 sets out the requirements for INSET days.

The process

When you are set your objectives as part of your appraisal process, you will be given the opportunity to identify any areas of training or other CPD you may need to meet them. Your schools will also arrange INSET training days, which are an opportunity to develop new knowledge and skills, and share practice with other teachers in your school or in associated schools.


If you have concerns about your access to CPD and its impact on your performance, edapt can support you with HR services and advice. We also support the development of teachers through the Development Fund.

Next steps

Sign up to edapt services for a wealth of HR advice and information at your fingertips.  Once you’ve signed up, simply pick up the phone, email or contact us through live internet chat for answers to any questions about access to CPD. For more information about our service click here: For teachers.

* Research: EPPI reviews (Cordingley et al, 2003; Cordingley et al, 2005; Cordingley et al, 2007) and 'Best Evidence Synthesis' by Timperley et al (2007) identified the characteristics of CPD which lead to positive pupil outcomes. A later review by Bell et al (2010)  identified the positive impact on pupil outcomes of teacher engagement with research.

Infographic source: Opfer, V. Darleen and Pedder, David(2010) 'Access to Continuous Professional Development by teachers in England', Curriculum Journal, 21: 4, 453 — 471