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Independent employment support and protection for teachers

Until 2012 the only way that teachers and other education professionals could access advice or support during allegations, disciplinary or grievance procedures with their school was through trade union membership. Edapt is the only alternative to the trade unions providing teachers with support in individual employment disputes and allegations. We’re apolitical and independent. Our team supports our subscribers individually, with integrity, consistency and transparency.

Schools are often challenging environments to work in and small incidents can and have significant impact on any educator’s career if high quality, professional support is not available.

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York Consulting LLP, 2012, ‘Allegations of abuse against teachers and non-teaching staff’, DfE

Our estimates show that around 1 in 320 teachers require some kind of legal support every year regarding their role in schools.

We can support our subscribers regardless of the nature of their employment, whether it is under the standard school teacher’s pay and conditions document or an individual academy or independent school contract.

“We believe that teachers should have a choice in who represents them in difficult times in their career.”

John Roberts, CEO , edapt

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What’s the difference?

For 96% of teachers their primary reason for joining a trade union was for support in employment issues or allegation. Edapt exists as an alternative to the unions for this core support.

Trade union
Only professional, paid caseworkers
Legal support
Industrial action
Political lobbying
TUC affiliation
Anti-academies alliance affiliation
Political Fund
Contract length annual annual annual 6 months initial
term only

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