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In 2012 Edapt commissioned an independent research report into teachers' perceptions of their unions.  Here are some of the key findings.


Source: LKMco, 2012, Collectivists, Fundamentalists and Critics. What do Teachers think of their unions?

We launched in 2012 as the only alternative to the teaching trade unions providing teachers with support in individual employment disputes and allegations.

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We recently asked some of our subscribers why they signed up. Here's what they said:

1. To secure protection in case of an allegation or employment dispute

You'll have access to independent legal experts and caseworkers who can support you during disciplinary, grievance or allegations arising in school.  Our team has supported many teachers who never thought these issues would happen to them or in some cases were let down by their union. Edapt will pay for up to £100,000 of legal costs at tribunal should you need it.  Click here to find out more about the support we provide.

"Edapt have been a fantastic support to me at an incredibly difficult time, I am so glad to have found them."

2. For qualified and independent legal support

All our team of caseworkers and solicitors have experience of the education sector.   We are able to maintain consistently high standards of support and representation by only using qualified professionals from leading law and HR firms.  We are backed by one of the UK's premier legal expenses insurance providers.

3. It's free from politics and industrial action

We know that many teachers do not want to work-to-rule or go on strike.  It is important not to deny the right to strike to any teacher, however independent research suggests that 38% of teachers do not think the right to industrial action was important in their role. Edapt is not a trade union and we do not organise, or take part in industrial action.  For guidance about industrial action in schools click here.

4. The support is focussed on the individual

“I wanted the security of knowing I could gain support without it being politicised.”

We support every teacher as an individual.   We do not have any political agendas or alliances to campaigning groups. Advice and support will always serve your best interests whether you work in a state, independent, academy, free or any other type of school.

5. Teachers should have choice in who supports them

“…an organisation I’ve waited 30 years for!”

We launched in 2012, after many teachers told us that they would prefer an alternative to teaching unions if one existed. Independent research suggests that the main reason most teachers join a union is for this support and protection.  Edapt now provides that choice.

“Edapt just provides support when needed, which is hugely appealing. I think it's a great idea and could potentially change the way teachers think about unions.”

6. You’re free to focus on your job

"It's the ideal alternative for someone who doesn't feel represented by teacher unions"

Employment law and HR policy is a complex and specialist field.  Having Edapt's experts provides you with the security to focus on teaching, knowing that if a situation ever arises, we're here to support you.

7. You stay up to date

" I was attracted by your aims. Providing support, protection and impartial commentary on policy and practice within schools."

Edapt's regular blogs provide you with impartial round-ups of education policy changes and research findings.  Teachers frequently blog their personal views and opinions on our site.  If you'd like to blog for us, subscribe and get in touch!

8. It's the environmentally friendly option

We are committed to reducing our carbon footprint.  We don't send out bulky magazines and use our website where possible to avoid printing - so all of our news, blogs, and support information is online. Our website host is even carbon neutral, using the http://www.coco2.org/ scheme.

9. To have access to support whenever you need it

As a subscriber you can easily access our team for advice or support on any employment issue or allegation. In many cases we can accompany you at disciplinary and grievance hearings and will represent you at professional conduct panels or tribunals.  We open extended hours and if required we can have an HR or legal expert with you by 9am the next day.

10. It’s better value than a union

Subscription is from just £10 per month.  We have reductions for trainee teachers, NQTs and Teach First teachers starting from £10 per year.

By referring others you can also make your own subscription free!  For every successful referral you receive a free month or a £10 reduction for annual subscribers

“Edapt offer the "basics" which I need to feel secure in my workplace but don't charge me to fund their own aspirations.”

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If you have any more questions or need to know more? See our FAQs or contact us.

All quotes are taken from teachers who have signed up to Edapt. Terms and conditions apply.