About Us

Edapt is the only alternative to the trade unions providing teachers with support in individual employment disputes and allegations.

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After a period of significant consultation and research a number of teachers founded edapt in 2011. Teachers frequently said that the only reason they joined a trade union was “in case an allegation was made against them.” Whilst trade unions have made significant progress in ensuring equality and good working conditions for teachers many teachers increasingly do not identify with or feel represented by their union.

In 2012 Edapt commissioned an independent report which for the first time investigated teachers’ reasons for joining a trade union and their perceptions of them. For a summary of the reports findings, or to download the full report, click here.

Following publication of this report edapt raised capital from a number of investors, 90% of whom were or had been teachers. After building resource with a number of teachers, legal firms, insurance specialists and education experts, edapt launched publicly in September 2012. We now support teachers across England and Wales from the tip of Northumberland to the toe of Cornwall.

“We believe that teachers should have a choice in who supports them in difficult times in their career.”

John Roberts, Founder, edapt

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Our board

Our board of directors have held a range of senior roles across education, public and third sector and FTSE100.

We also work with a number of expert advisers from across the education, human resources and legal sectors.