Maternity and paternity leave

Adoption pay and leave for teachers

You will want to know your adoption pay and leave employment rights as a teacher. Check to see if your school has a specific policy for adoption pay and leave.

Returning to school after maternity leave

You might be apprehensive about returning to school after a period of maternity leave. You could be unsure about whether your teaching responsibilities will have changed, the hours you will work and your health and safety.

Shared parental leave: how does it work?

If you are thinking about taking maternity or paternity leave you can have the opportunity to share it between yourself and your partner. This is called shared parental leave (SPL). There are quite a lot of specific rules and criteria for SPL which are outlined in detail on the GOV.UK website. In this article, we explain what SPL is, how you can apply for it and how much you can expect to receive for shared parental pay (SPP).

What are my rights to maternity leave as a teacher?

You may be expecting a baby and are unsure about your rights to maternity pay, leave and how much time you can take off school. In this article, we outline your statutory rights to maternity leave and pay with frequently asked questions

What are my rights to paternity leave as a teacher?

Your partner might be expecting a baby and you might be unsure of how much time you can take off from school on paternity leave. You might not know your entitlement for pay and what you school’s responsibilities are for granting paternity leave.

What is maternity allowance?

You might be a teacher who might be thinking whether you will be able to qualify for statutory maternity pay or will only receive maternity allowance. In this article, we explain the difference between maternity pay and maternity allowance, the eligibility criteria and how much you will be paid.