Exam malpractice

You may be aware of instances of malpractice by school staff during exams. You may feel apprehensive to report malpractice in case of any repercussions from your headteacher or line manager. This article explains what maladministration is, what to do if you suspect it and which organisations you can report to.

Grievance letter template

You might be thinking about submitting a grievance letter at your school but might not know what to include. As an employee you have the right to raise a grievance in a legitimate way.

How can I whistleblow at my school?

Whistleblowing may be a term you have heard about but might be unsure of what it involves. Whistleblowing is a term to describe alerting the relevant authorities if you think there are rules or procedures which your school is not adhering to and it is in the ‘public interest’ to alert them. One example of when it would be in the public interest is when you believe the school is breaking the law or covering up a wrongdoing.

How do I raise a grievance at my school?

You might be unhappy with your current terms and conditions, or something that has happened during the course of your teaching employment. As an employee you have the right to raise a grievance in a legitimate way.

Serious Incident Reporting in Independent Schools

The Charity Commission has published guidance for charity trustees on how to spot serious incidents and how to report them. This will be applicable to independent schools which are charities with an income over £25,000.