ACAS: what do they do?

You might have heard of ACAS before, but might be unsure of how they might be relevant in your role as a teacher at school. ACAS stands for the Advisory, Conciliation and Arbitration Service.

Early Conciliation

Early conciliation is a process to settle disputes in the workplace without going to an employment tribunal. The early conciliation process is managed by an organisation called ACAS.

How do I raise a grievance at my school?

You might be unhappy with your current terms and conditions, or something that has happened during the course of your teaching employment. As an employee you have the right to raise a grievance in a legitimate way.

Making a flexible working request

Flexible working will enable you to change the normal hours you work in school. It might be impracticable for you to work set hours because of personal circumstances at home, caring for children or other factors. This article outlines what flexible working is, how you can request it and what happens if your application is refused.

What is an employment tribunal?

You may have heard of employment tribunals but probably have not experienced attending one before. You can make a claim to an employment tribunal if you think your school or academy trust has discriminated against or you have been treated unlawfully. In this article we outline what employment tribunals are, how you can make a claim to a tribunal and what to expect if you attend one.