Appraisal process for teachers

As a member of school staff you will have an appraisal review once a year with your line manager. You might be apprehensive before attending your appraisal review, especially if you have concerns about your performance with meeting objectives or when having pay reviewed.

Headteachers’ Standards

The new Headteachers’ Standards have been published by the Department for Education (DfE). The DfE explains that headteachers are leading professionals and role models for the communities they serve.

Performance-related pay for teachers

Pay progression for all teachers now depends on appraisal outcomes and meeting standards set by schools. Decisions about teachers’ pay progression are now linked to performance.

The Teachers’ Standards

You will be well aware of the Teachers’ Standards if you have trained to be a teacher since 2012. They will be referred to during lesson observations, the appraisal process and any disciplinary or capability procedures you may be subjected to.

What is a teacher support plan?

You may be placed on a teacher support plan but might be unsure of what is involved, how much to be concerned about and how it links to capability procedures. You will want to read your school’s capability and appraisal policy as approaches can differ from school to school.