directed time

How can I request leave for exceptional circumstances?

During term time you may have to request leave from school due to exceptional circumstances. This may be due to a range of reasons from attending jury service, going to a graduation ceremony to attending a wedding.

How much time am I entitled for school break times?

Teachers’ working hours can feel complicated. You are often expected to work as much as is reasonable to be able to effectively discharge your professional duties. With planning, marking, parents’ evenings, open days, revision sessions and after school activities, it is important teachers are able to manage their working time in such a way that allows them to perform well and maintain a healthy work-life balance.

INSET days: what are my requirements to attend?

You might be heading back to school from the summer holidays and wondering about the amount of INSET days you will have to attend this academic year. You might think you are being asked to attend an excessive amount of days, or you are attending additional training outside your normal working hours.

PPA time

PPA time (planning, preparation and assessment) is a phrase which all teachers will be familiar with. Catching up with lesson planning and assessment is a vital part of a teacher’s role.