Accompaniment at a disciplinary hearing

Accompaniment at your disciplinary hearing is crucially important. During your teaching career you may be invited to attend a formal disciplinary interview, either following a period of formal investigation or due to misconduct.

Appeal hearings

If you have attended a disciplinary or grievance hearing you will have the right for appeal if the outcome is not in your favour. Your school will have a disciplinary and grievance policy which will outline the appeals process in your school.

Suspended from school

You may be suspended from your school when you are being investigated for a disciplinary issue. You should normally be paid during this period and you should be told why you have been suspended. However, in some rare cases you may be suspended without pay if your employment contract says that this can happen.

Teaching prohibition order

A teaching prohibition order might be something you are aware of in the teaching profession. Essentially, if you are a member of school staff in England and you are referred to the TRA you could receive a prohibition order (where you could be banned from teaching).

What can I expect in a disciplinary meeting?

You may be invited to attend a disciplinary meeting at your school if you have been alleged of misconduct in your role. This will likely be a stressful time for yourself and you may not know what to expect. This article outlines what a disciplinary meeting is, how you can best be prepared and what the possible outcomes of attending a disciplinary meeting are.

What is an employment tribunal?

You may have heard of employment tribunals but probably have not experienced attending one before. You can make a claim to an employment tribunal if you think your school or academy trust has discriminated against or you have been treated unlawfully. In this article we outline what employment tribunals are, how you can make a claim to a tribunal and what to expect if you attend one.

What is an investigation meeting?

You may be invited to attend an investigation meeting if you have been alleged of misconduct at your school. The investigation meeting will be the first step of the disciplinary process, potentially leading to a disciplinary meeting and a sanction.

What is gross misconduct?

During your teaching career you may be accused of gross misconduct which is a very serious allegation and could result in you being banned from the classroom.