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Seeking high-quality financial advice as a member of school staff is important when thinking about your Teachers’ Pension and future after teaching.

We have published another support article which provides an overview of the topic of Teachers’ Pensions. 

If you work in an independent school or you are a supply teacher, you might have a different provider for your pension scheme.

At Edapt, we are currently unable to provide financial advice to our subscribers. However, we do receive many requests from our subscribers requesting financial advice.

Below, we list a range of organisations who provide financial advice for school staff and blurbs about them from their websites.

They should not be seen as direct recommendations from Edapt. It should be noted that this list is not comprehensive and not in any particular order.

Financial advice for teachers: different providers

  • Teachers Financial Planning: “We work with both Teachers and non-Teachers but the majority of our clients have some link to education. All of our financial advisers are experienced in general practice (the average is over 20 years) but also have a comprehensive knowledge of the Teachers’ Pension as well as understanding the challenges of your profession.”
  • Wesleyan: Financial advice for teachers: “Working in education, we know you’re busy preparing the next generation for life beyond the classroom. But are you prepared for your financial future? At Wesleyan Financial Services, we can help you make the right financial moves to meet your life goals. Whether you want to invest your money, protect your income or plan your retirement, we’re here to help.”
  • Abacus for teachers: “Abacus Associates Financial Services Ltd, are a firm of independent financial advisers specialising in personal financial planning for teachers and their families. We also provide talks/seminars to staff in schools to provide education on the Teachers Pension Scheme and the effects of the Hutton Report.”
  • Lighthouse Financial Advice: “Whether you want to save for your ideal retirement, invest for a rainy day, put some protection in place for your family or get advice on your mortgage, an adviser from Lighthouse Financial Advice can help you to turn these complex issues into a personalised plan tailored just for you.”
  • Sterling and Law Independent Wealth Management: “Sterling & Law offers tailored independent financial advice for teachers, and those working in the education sector in a range of areas. Whether you are proactively planning for the future, reacting to a life event, or seeking advice on the Teachers’ Pension Scheme advice, we can help.”
  • Unbiased: “Unbiased empowers people to make confident financial decisions, from buying a house to planning for retirement. Not only can we connect you quickly and easily to the best experts, we can also help you choose the right type of advice to help you achieve your goals.”
  • Money Helper:MoneyHelper is here to make your money and pension choices clearer. Here to cut through the complexity, explain what you need to do and how you can do it. Here to put you in control with free, impartial guidance that’s backed by the government, and to recommend further, trusted support if you need it.”

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