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Pay calculators for headteachers are really useful tools.

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Pay Calculator for Headteachers

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Pay calculator for headteachers: information to consider

Our pay calculator for headteachers can be used to calculate your estimated pay as a full-time headteacher in England and Wales.

There are a number of caveats to consider:

  1. Check your employment contract to understand the terms you are employed under
  2. Your pay will be calculated by headteacher ‘groupings’. The groups are organised to pay headteachers a salary that reflects the size of the school. The relevant body must assign its school to the correct group size and then, within the group size, you have the range of salary options for the headteacher. 
  3. For more details on headteacher groups you can read our article ‘Headteachers’ pay’. You can also contact us for any specific questions you may have.

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