Teacher pay in Wales


In this article, we outline the teacher pay scales for 2022/2023 in Wales. For teacher pay scales in England please see the following article.

We’ve also published another article which provides a background of the Welsh education system for context.

In response to the recommendations in the IWPRB’s Fourth Report and a final agreement in April 2023, an increase of 6.5% was applied to all statutory scale points and allowances. All pay uplifts were backdated to 1st September 2022.

Teacher pay in Wales

The statutory requirements for teachers’ pay and conditions for maintained schools in Wales are set out in the revised School Teachers’ Pay and Conditions (Wales) Document which was amended in April 2023 to reflect a 6.5% increase in pay and a one off, non-consolidated lump sum. The previous increase in pay had been 5% without a lump sum.

The Education Act 2002 (“the Act”) gives the Welsh Ministers power to issue guidance on pay and conditions matters, to which those concerned must have regard.

It should be noted that Independent schools in Wales can set their own pay scales.

Main Pay Range
M1 Removed
M2 £29,278
M3 £31,630
M4 £34,067
M5 £36,749
M6 a Removed
M6 (b) £40,443


Upper Pay Range
U1 £41,927
U2 £43,481
U3 £45,085


Min 1 £19,689
2 £21,979
3 £24,268
4 £26,557
5 £28,849
Max 6 £31,139


Leading practitioners
Min £45,950
Max £69,854


Allowance ranges
TLR1 (min) £8,986
TLR1 (max) £15,204
TLR2 (min) £3,115
TL2 (max) £7,605
TLR3 (min) £619
TLR3 (max) £3,071
ALN (min) £2,461
ALN (max) £4,855

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