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This article provides an overview of headteachers pay in 2019/20.

If you work in a maintained school in England, you will be paid accordingly to nationally agreed pay scale, as outlined in the 2019 School Teachers Pay and Conditions Document (STPCD).

If you work in an academy, free school or independent school, your pay will be set according to your school’s pay policy.

Where a school that was previously a maintained school has converted to an academy, you may benefit from Transfer of Undertakings (TUPE) regulations.

Please see another article on Edapt for more information on TUPE.

We outline the different pay ranges for headteachers pay in the table below.

Leadership group pay range

Only headteachers, deputy headteachers and assistant headteachers can be paid on the leadership pay range.

England (excluding the London area)Inner London areaOuter London areaFringe area

Headteachers pay ranges

England (excluding the London area)Inner London areaOuter London areaFringe area
Group 1£46,457 – £61,808£54,223 – £69,499£49,714 – £65,038£47,592 – £62,932
Group 2£48,808 – £66,517£56,576 – £74,208£52,067 – £69,747£49,940 – £67,648
Group 3£52,643 – £71,590£60,404 – £79,280£55,898 – £74,816 £53,775 – £72,718
Group 4£56,579 – £77,048£64,344 – £84,731£59,833 – £80,272£57,714 – £78,170
Group 5£62,426 – £84,976£70,194 – £92,667£65,689 – £88,206£63,562 – £86,104
Group 6£67,183 – £93,732£74,949 – £101,421£70,445 – £96,957£68,325 – £94,859
Group 7£72,306 – £103,334£80,074 – £111,020£75,564 – £106,558£73,446 – £104,455
Group 8£79,748 – £114,060 £87,512 – £121,749£83,007 – £117,287£80,880 – £115,188

The STPCD provides a methodology as to what ‘group’ a headteacher belongs to taking into account the number of pupils in each Key Stage. In order to calculate headteachers pay, you will need the school roll number from January of the current academic year, or previous year if you are calculating it in the autumn term.

Headteachers pay: progression for leadership group members

The STPCD explains that the ‘relevant body’ (the governing body) must consider annually whether or not to increase the salary of members of the leadership group who have completed a year of employment since the previous pay determination.

They must take into consideration individual performance, as assessed through the school’s or authority’s appraisal arrangements.

We have published another article which looks at performance-related pay in schools.

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