Pay portability for teachers


Pay portability was a term to describe when your current salary transferred with you when you started a new role at a different school. Since September 2013, there is no longer pay portability for appointments in maintained schools in England and Wales.

The rationale for this was because previously teachers could offer to drop down a pay scale to secure a job at a different school. This was at a time with automatic pay increases each year linked to pay scales.

The School Teachers’ Pay and Conditions Document (STPCD) no longer requires pay to follow the teacher from school to school.

The DfE has published a guidance document to help schools review their processes for decisions on teachers’ pay. It explains that when recruiting, schools are not required to match a teacher’s existing salary.

Edapt has produced another article which provides a guide for teacher’s pay.

We have also published another article which outlines how performance-related pay works for teachers.

Pay portability: starting at a new school?

Many schools have written into their pay policies that they will recognise pay portability.

Essentially they will pay at least what you were earning in your previous school.

However, this means that if you start working at a new school you cannot guarantee that you will be placed on the same point of the pay scale as at your previous school. You will need to negotiate a starting salary with your new school.

If you have any questions about your pay please contact us for advice and guidance.

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