As the Royal College of Teaching moves into the next phase of its development, released today is the report in conjunction with the Royal College of Surgeons: Towards a Royal College of Teaching – raising the status of the profession. Below is Edapt’s contribution to the report:

Edapt advocates a Royal College of Teaching and recognises the potential it has to raise the status of the teaching profession and allow teachers to reclaim their schools and classrooms from political interference. The ongoing development of skills is fundamental to driving a self-improving, respected and autonomous profession. It is well recognised that attracting and retaining teachers of the highest quality is the driver for the very best educational standards for our young people.  

A Royal College of Teaching, independent from government, should enthuse both schools and teachers to promote teacher development, specialism and career progression. In order to promote professional autonomy we also understand the need for a highly respected, trusted and impartial body to represent teachers on pedagogical issues based upon evidence and research.  An academic and apolitical Royal College of Teaching would be very well positioned to provide such representation.  Edapt holds the promotion of professional development as one of its core values and would extend its development fund to enable teachers to access such opportunities provided by a Royal College of Teaching.  We look forward to supporting its development.

The full report is available to download from the Teacher Development Trust.

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