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How Edapt can support teachers and staff in independent schools

Independent School Teachers - How Edapt can support teachers and staff in independent schools

Around 20% of Edapt subscribers are teaching and working in independent schools. We have supported our independent school subscribers by providing support during allegations, sending accompaniment to grievance and disciplinary hearings to answering questions about pay and working conditions, maternity leave and jury service.

What is a protected conversation?

You may be invited to have a protected conversation with your headteacher if you have an on-going dispute with your school and are thinking about leaving. It is also possible to have a protected conversation even where there is no dispute. Essentially, it is an ‘off-the-record’ discussion about terminating your employment contract on agreed terms.

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What should I do when faced with restructuring in school?

You might have been informed that your school will be going through a restructuring process and you are concerned on the impact it might have on your role, especially if redundancies are taking place. In this article, we explain the process which your school must follow, what can be involved in the consultation process and other factors to take into consideration.