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Edapt provides edu-legal support for school staff in England and Wales. We feature a range of blog posts from teachers and educators every month.

How long do young teachers need to save for a house deposit?

How long would it take for a teacher at the beginning of their career to save for a house deposit in England? I thought it would be an interesting experiment to calculate how long it would take for the ‘average teacher’ to save towards a house deposit for the ‘average’ house price in England.

Do teachers feel equipped to understand and support young people’s mental health?

At Edapt, from time to time we are contacted by PhD researchers and Masters students who are completing research and conducting questionnaires about the teaching profession. Where possible, we like to support by providing a platform so that school staff can see if they would like to contribute towards new studies. 

List of admin tasks that teachers should not be expected to undertake

In the early 1990s I remember sitting in a year team meeting that just happened to be in the English Department. It was the first time, as a young teacher, I remember thinking how impressed I was by the display boards around the room.

International Women’s Day 2024

At Edapt, the majority of our subscribers are women, reflecting the profession as a whole. As an organisation where we value ourselves on providing high-quality employment support for all school staff we understand the importance of International Women’s Day (March 8) as a global day celebrating the social, economic and cultural achievements of women.

Political views and discussions in the classroom

At the current time there is lots on the political horizon in which teachers may wish to engage pupils’ interest. We have a General Election coming into view, analysis of the budget taking place, industrial action in education being raised and on top of that, Local Elections. There is lots of scope for well rounded, informative and educational debate.