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List of admin tasks that teachers should not be expected to undertake

In the early 1990s I remember sitting in a year team meeting that just happened to be in the English Department. It was the first time, as a young teacher, I remember thinking how impressed I was by the display boards around the room.

Is ‘work at home’, the same as being suspended?

It is becoming more common for staff to be asked (or instructed) to work at home in circumstances surrounding an investigation. Suspension from work is where an employee continues to be employed under their contract of employment, but is instructed not to attend the workplace or undertake any work. This is typically whilst a disciplinary matter is investigated. 

Disability Leave

Disability leave is planned or unplanned time off from work for a reason related to someone’s disability. It is a type of ‘reasonable adjustment’ which disabled workers may be entitled to under the Equality Act 2010.

Teaching Apprenticeships: What has been announced?

Teaching Apprenticeships: what has been announced? Overview It has been announced by the Department for Education (DfE) that a new teaching apprenticeship will launch this autumn. The motivation seems to be to improve recruitment to the profession providing another route in. One key aspect is to allow people to earn while they study for a…