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Budget 2024 – What does it mean for schools & colleges?

On 6th March, the Chancellor Jeremy Hunt delivered his Spring Budget speech to parliament outlining government taxing and spending plans for the coming year and beyond. With potential industrial action and further teacher strikes on the horizon for later this year, there was keen interest to see whether the government position would move towards closer to union demands of increased school funding to try and head off clashes. This article gives an overview of the main Budget 2024 decisions affecting the sector with a brief analysis of what this might mean for schools and colleges.

Menopause and Schools – Updated guidance

Do menopausal symptoms count as a disability? What are the implications for schools? The Equality and Human Rights Commission released new guidance on how employers should treat women experiencing menopausal symptoms with warnings about their legal obligations under the Equality Act 2010. With two thirds of working women between the ages of 40 and 60…

Party Conferences 2023 – Education Policy Summary

With the political party conference season now over, we look at some of the key announcements and proposals that may impact education in England over the next year and beyond. As education policy is generally devolved to the Welsh Assembly, Scottish Parliament and Northern Irish Assembly, these proposals will only directly affect English schools. With…