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TLR payments

TLR payments can be given to classroom teachers for taking on additional responsibilities. You might be a teacher interested in seeing how much you will be awarded, want to find out how to qualify for TLR payments or might be concerned if your TLR can be taken away. 

What is maternity allowance?

You might be a teacher who might be thinking whether you will be able to qualify for statutory maternity pay or will only receive maternity allowance. In this article, we explain the difference between maternity pay and maternity allowance, the eligibility criteria and how much you will be paid.

How many colleagues can you refer to Edapt?

From Monday 1st August until Friday 30th September midnight we are launching our summer referral competition. As it’s the school holidays, and we’re feeling even more generous, we’re giving away prizes for three subscribers who refer the most colleagues successfully between 1st August and 30th September.