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London salary weighting for teachers: does it make economic sense?

London - London salary weighting for teachers: does it make economic sense?

Teaching in London will be a rewarding and unique opportunity for many teachers. With the draws of living and working in a world capital, great schools and the added reassurance of salary weighting, is it a no-brainer for those eager to have a long-term career in teaching? 

Supply teaching: what do I need to know?

You might be thinking about taking on supply teaching to reduce your workload or as a temporary solution when searching for a new career. Many teachers enjoy the flexibility and reduced hours of supply teaching. However, supply teachers can often receive reduced pay, are unable to access the Teachers’ Pension Scheme and do not receive the same benefits such as sick pay or maternity pay as teachers employed directly by schools.

Parent WhatsApp groups

There have been various news reports of the impact that WhatsApp groups set up by parents can have on teachers and school staff. Issues can range from playground politics, misinformation, to false allegations about teaching staff.

Allegations of abuse from pupils

Receiving an allegation from a pupil and facing an impending investigation can be a distressing time when teaching. Your school should ensure it provides effective support, conducts a fair investigation and provide you with a named member of staff if you are suspended from work.