teacher pay

Equal pay

ACAS explains that by law, men and women must get equal pay for doing ‘equal work’ (work that equal pay law classes as the same, similar, equivalent or of equal value).

Salary sacrifice schemes for school staff

You might have heard of salary sacrifice schemes before if you have worked in businesses, charities and other sectors. You might wonder if your school runs an equivalent alternative?

Sick pay for teachers

You may be unsure about your entitlement to sick pay as a teacher. The entitlement to sick pay and sick leave for teachers in the maintained sector is set out in the Burgundy Book.

Student loan repayments for teachers

You may have seen news reports over the recent years that some teachers are eligible to claim back student loan repayments. This is an initiative launched by the government to improve teacher retention rates in certain subjects.

Summer schools

As a teacher, you might be interested in how to be involved in summer schools and if you would be paid for doing so.The DfE explains that summer schools are optional for staff to attend.

Teacher pay in Wales

Teacher pay in Wales has been reformed. The School Teachers’ Pay and Conditions Document (STPCD) which outlines teachers’ pay and conditions in maintained schools in England no longer applies in Wales.

Teacher pay progression: upper pay range

You may be wanting to progress onto the upper pay range (UPR) or eager to know how to progress within the UPR. The School Teachers’ Pay and Conditions Documents (STPCD) outlines the criteria for teachers in maintained schools to access the UPR and pay progression information.

TLR payments

TLR payments can be given to classroom teachers for taking on additional responsibilities. You might be a teacher interested in seeing how much you will be awarded, want to find out how to qualify for TLR payments or might be concerned if your TLR can be taken away. 

What do I need to know about sick leave?

Every teacher will come down with an illness during some time in their careers and will take time off school to recover. It’s important to know what your employment rights are and the correct procedures to follow to ensure you can return to work in a healthy condition.

What is the recruitment and retention pay award?

You may have heard of the recruitment and pay award but might be unsure if you are eligible to receive it. The School Teachers Pay and Conditions Document (STPCD) outlines guidance on recruitment and retention incentives and benefits.

What should I do if my pay is incorrect?

You might think that your pay is incorrect or you might not have actually been paid for the month. You should contact your school, HR department or local authority in the first instance.