The Education Secretary, Gavin Williamson, has accepted all the recommendations from the independent School Teachers’ Review Body to raise the starting salary for new teachers by 5.5% and increase the upper and lower boundaries of the pay ranges for all other teachers by 2.75%. 

These recommendations are equivalent to a 3.1% increase in the overall pay bill.

This represents the first step to delivering the Government’s commitment to increase teachers’ starting salaries to £30,000 by 2022/23, with a 5.5% increase worth between £1,341 and £1,677, depending on location.

The pay increase is equivalent to £1,250 on average for teachers and £1,970 on average for headteachers.

This means the minimum starting salary for a qualified teacher in 2020/21 will rise to £25,714 outside of London, rising to £32,157 in inner London. Experienced teachers at the top of the upper pay range could see an increase between £1,114 and £1,364, from £40,490 to £41,604 (rest of England) and from £49,571 to £50,935 (inner London).

The School Teachers’ Review Body has also recommended the introduction of advisory pay points on the main and upper pay range to support schools to adopt a pay structure which best supports recruitment and retention. This sets out a possible pathway of pay progression through which teachers can be recognised and rewarded as they build their expertise in the classroom.

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