An article in the Sunday Times on 9th December featured an interview with CEO of Edapt, John Roberts. The article uses John as an example of a teacher who has ‘no wish to sign up to such a campaign’ as that being conducted by the NASUWT and NUT in response to what they see as a ‘relentless assault’ on teachers.

The article explains:

“John Roberts, 29, a physics graduate from Sheffield University, started teaching in 2007 at a tough Manchester comprehensive as part of the Teach First programme. Within two years he had moved onto the senior leadership team and was earning more than £40,000.

The work was “challenging”, he admits. As “behaviour manager” he spent weeks trying to persuade a group of girls to stop swearing at teachers. When he finally left teaching he met one in the street. “She told me ‘I can’t believe you left. I am going to get away with swearing now!’ ”

When NUT members took industrial action at his school, Roberts was irritated and refused to join. He has now set up a firm called Edapt, an independent support service for teachers that offers legal advice to members. He says his research shows 95% of teachers join unions primarily for legal advice and protection in case a child makes an allegation against them and that 40% “do not want to get involved in strike action”.”

The article was written in response to the proposed reforms to teachers’ pay, and in anticipation that they may lead to further industrial action by the teaching unions.

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